Ill be pres just for the sweet ride. I love Caddys.

I'll be pres just for the sweet ride. I love Caddys.

For anyone who’s feeling a little down because they haven’t gotten any play recently,  just think about this woman and maybe you won’t feel quite so bad for  yourself, at least for a while.  I’m wondering if there’s going to be any guy out there willing to take her V-Card.  That’s 107 years of buildup there, that’s a lot of pressure for one old man to take.  Good luck, who ever you are.

Mads are you trying to warn us with sending this article to me? I know that you’re a big fan of Taco Bell.  And I also know that you’re not really a fan of the big traditional wedding. However, I really hope I won’t be attending a Taco Bell wedding for you anytime soon. Or ever.  I hope this guy bought his new wife a big crunchwrap supreme or something to seal the deal.

If I were this girl, I would be so pissed that this was all my dad thought I was worth.  Specifically, “100 cases of Corona beer, 50 cases of Modelo, six bottles of wine, 50 cases of soft drinks and 50 cases of Gatorade.”  What a gyp. I would at least hope for some high-ticket items, at least some livestock or some jewelery.