I love this letter to Pres Obama... he is pretty skinny though.

I love this letter to Pres Obama... he IS pretty skinny though.

Why are all the interesting news stories today about sex alcohol and drugs? Weird.

This sounds like a pretty horrible policy.  I mean, they do have a point that just because you’ve been drinking doesn’t mean you’re doing any harm, but I can’t imagine that you’re very productive anyway.  I can’t think of any professions where a drunk employee would be better than a sober one…

This. Is. Gross. I realize that as a druggie, you need to get your fix.  But are you trying to tell me that she had NOTHING else to snort her coke other than a used tampon straw? That’s desperation.  I guess she spent all her dolla bills on coke, e, and pot. Tough life.

It’s good to know that, even in these tough times, not every industry is hurting. It is, however, a little more than disturbing that they chose an 80 year old couple as their sample story.  Everyone needs a little love, I guess.