This is for real. A watch phone. James Bond called, he wants his unnecessay gadget back.

Sick: This is for real. A watch phone. James Bond called, he wants his unnecessary gadget back.

I’m just so confused by the actions of some of the people in the news today.

Con. Fu. Sed.

Like this woman firefighter.  Aren’t you supposed to help people in this profession?  Instead, she saved this guy’s life, but had to cut off his foot.  To repay him for the trouble of being an amputee, she stole his foot! And if that wasn’t bad enough, she used it for ‘dog amputee training.’  Whatever that is. Hope he wasn’t planning on reattaching it…

And then there’s this guy. His normal partner is nowhere to be found, so he takes the new guy out to work the speed trap for the day. Unfortunately, he later finds out that the ‘new guy’ is a 14 year old kid pretending to be a cop! How do you not notice that? Didn’t he at least have that teenage boy tell-all, the Crustache? He must have.

So… this guy was trapped under he couch for days… and he survived on whisky? What sort of life-saving properties does hard alcohol have? It won’t keep you hydrated, or supress your hunger, or keep you alert… sounds fishy if you ask me.

And finally…do the Japanese really think that a cute little poem (a haiku, perhaps?) will keep people from using as much TP in public bathrooms?  Every little bit helps to save the earth, I guess.