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6 more weeks of winter? f-you, phil

I know this site is really lacking recently… I don’t know if there really is a drop in interesting news recently, or if its the newfound excitement for my other blog or what… I’m trying my best to get back on track, I promise.

While I certainly can’t claim to feel bad for my daily cup o’ Joe, now I feel like I’m doing myself a service by enjoying that warm goodness every morning.  While I may succomb to gray hairs, I will not fall to dementia!

Unfortuantely the article doesn’t say why he was smuggling these pigeons.  I bet that’s an interesting little backstory.  I hope it was worth the potential 23 years in prison.

You would think this guy could pick a better climate for this time of year to travel barefoot in.  I mean, nice that you’re trying to spread the word of the lord year-round, but jesus didn’t live in the Poconos… you need some heftier outerwear to make it up here in the dead of winter. Good luck, Whats Your Name.